We live in a disposable world; a world where homeowners are quick to discard perfectly salvageable items that no longer fit into their decor. You'd be amazed at the recycled building materials you can find - for CHEAP. Reclaimed building materials have more character, and using recycled doors, lumber, and floorboards for new construction can lessen the impact on old growth forests. With a little elbow grease and a bit of imagination, it is possible to cut costs by 30% or more for remodeling projects AND new construction.

Start your quest using the handy search features to your right, and don't miss my
Guide to Local Salvage Building Materials.
reclaimed building materials

Salvage and Recycled Building Materials

I've spent lots of time on eBay and Craigslist trying to find recycled house parts. The toughest part is finding which categories to search under and filtering out non-related items. After a bit of trial and error, I've programmed my most successful search parameters into the links below.

Search for:

Doors Salvage Entry Doors, Solid Wood Doors, Antique Interior Doors Door Hardware Barn Hinges, Antique Locksets, Old Deadbolts, Glass Knobs Wood Flooring Antique Flooring, Reclaimed Floorboards, Hardwood Planks Wood Trim Antique Moulding, Wainscoting, Reclaimed Hardwood Trim Vintage Appliances Antique Stoves, Retro Refrigerators, Vintage Cooktops Plumbing Fixtures Vintage Kitchen and Bath Fixtures, Farmhouse Sinks, Clawfoot Tubs Windows Used Windows, Antique Casement, Leaded and Stained Glass Lighting Antique Light Fixtures, Sconces, Pendant Lights and Chandeliers Lumber Barn Wood, Reclaimed Timber, Vintage Lumber, Recycled Hardwoods Stone Recycled Foundation Stone, Vintage Cut Rock, Urbanite Tile Tile Flooring, Recycled Slate, Antique Counter Tiles

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